| Patient Participation Meeting Minutes – 9th July 2019

Date: 9 July 2019

Chair: Dan Hill


  • Update on CQC Visit
  • Video Consultations
  • New Premises
  • Website review
  • TV presentations in the waiting rooms – review
  • Ear Syringing

Location: Griffins Brook


Stuart Morton, Willemina Morton, Wilf Squires, Joyce Hurst


Roy Stove, Alf Masih, Kristine Johnston


  • Dan updated members on CQC visit – We hope to have a draft report soon and final report in by mid August
  • New Premises – The practice is waiting on the final approval from NHS England this month. The estimated move date is now Summer / Autumn 2020.
  • Video consultations – Practice is now piloting video consultations for select patients who find coming to surgery difficult or inconvenient. If it works well we will offer service to all patients who use the online service.
  • 15 minute appointments – All GP appointments are moving from 12 to 15 minutes. https://bghealth.mygeneralpractice.org/gp-consultations-to-increase-from-10-to-15-minutes/
  • Website review by members – members said a user guide would be useful. Remember to use the search function and the FAQs
  • New practice TV Screens display upto date health & wellbeing information / advice. If there is some local service you would like put on the display then please let us know. Contact Us
  • Ear Syringing – There is a gap in service provision across the city for this service. Patients can access ear syringing at Boots Walk in Centre. To request a better ear syringing service contact the CCG on Telephone: 0121 203 3313 Email: bsol.complaints@nhs.net.

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  1. Dear Daniel

    THanks for the PPG notes.
    RE: Willemina- please note correct spelling

    RE Ear syringing: Thanks for enabling this issue to be on the PPG agenda earlier this week. I have just come off the phone having, on the advice in the PPG notes, spoken to Paul Cummings who is part of the “Interim Complaints” team in the CCG. I went into some detail about the tedious process I went through over about a 3 week process to find a way of having the wax removed from my ears. I also gave him the name of BG Health. He was obviously keen to know whether I had been given full and appropriate advice by the GP – I believe the description of the advice I was given upheld your surgery but revealed that the system, as far as it exists at present, is rather tortuous and could be costly (in financial terms £40-£60 if I remember correctly from the places I contacted). Some people would possibly give up if they had little spare money and other health concerns that tax their energy. Paul Cummings said the issue was being addressed within Primary Health Care and that clear advice and a plan of implementation would be made known to GP surgeries in September. So I had a clear sense that things were in hand though I have no idea what resources will be given to the implementation and the time scale over which it will happen. I asked whether my call would be logged within the system and he said that it would. No need to phone me – I think that is all I need to say. An additional point is that the Boots City Centre Walk In clinic does not provide a settled pattern of timing when dewaxing can be accessed. I rang on more than one occasion and was told that I needed to phone in again (after the weekend?) as it was not very clear when the member of staff would be on duty to cover that procedure. In practice when I did go to Boots to have the poorer of my two ears to be dewaxed I only had to wait about 20 minutes. They said that sometimes one has to wait up to 90 minutes. The other ear (the better one) was done by suction at the QE. I received a letter saying I would be contacted but with potentially quite a number of weeks ahead (no appointment date given). What actually happened was that after about 7-10 days they phoned me and fitted me in with a fairly quick appointment after the call. I was attended to by a Physician Associate.

  2. Hi Stuart,
    Thanks for taking this up with CCG.
    I have followed up by emailing Paul Cummings and asked him what is the correct referral procedure.
    Currently after patient has used olive oil, the options are boots, uhb referral or do it privately. As per nhs website

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